Behind the Design - The Enne Tee: Peaceful (Type 9)

Wonder & Bloom - The Enne Tee: Peaceful (Enneagram Type 9: The Peacemaker)

Enneagram Type Nine: The Peacemaker

AAHHH. Doesn’t this title just put you at ease? We all love the peacemakers in our Enneagram world. These are the easy-going, receptive and accepting people who can easily set the tone in the room to a relaxing one. Nines are said to be the crown of the Enneagram, embracing a little piece of each type.

Behind the Design

Olive Branch. This one came way too easy. Much like every other plant illustrated in The Enne Collection, we searched on good ole’ google what plant symbolizes peace. The olive branch came up as the symbol of peace and reconciliation. Hmmm. So perfect. Yes, sometimes life can be that simple. Just like peace to an Enneagram Type Nine.

Behind the Word

Peaceful. OK. We promise that just because Enneagram Type Nine was the last one we worked on does not mean we slacked and picked the first word that came to mind. We truly cannot get enough of this word: PEACEFUL. In a world where hatred, debate, and differences become the center of attention, peace becomes so rare that we no longer remember what it feels like. Cheers to our Peacemakers. May we all wear this action in our hearts.


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