Behind the Design - The Enne Tee: Loveable (Type 2)

Wonder & Bloom - The Enne Tee: Loveable (Enneagram Type 2: The Helper) - Women's Black Shirt with Aloe Watercolor

Enneagram Type 2: The Helper

This person is loving, helpful, generous, and oh so considerate. They thrive in an environment where they feel needed and wanted by the people around them. Two’s have the natural gift of sensing how people are feeling around them and foreseeing other’s needs as well as meeting them immediately. They are extremely empathetic givers and get their cup filled by feeling like they’re making a difference.

Behind the Design

We couldn't help but think of an Aloe plant when trying to translate the qualities of a two into the plant world. I mean, what is the most useful plant you’ve ever seen? There for you when you forgot the sunscreen, so many added benefits, and just all around useful! Seriously, look it up! The aloe plant stores water in its leaves which allows it to survive and thrive in very dry climates. I found this fascinating as I relate it to the Enneagram type two who never seems to run dry when it comes to helping others.

Behind the Writing

Loveable. I think it’s easy to forget that you too are capable of receiving love. When giving comes naturally, receiving can sometimes feel wrong. Honestly, it can feel downright uncomfortable. This is where “loveable” comes in. We want to acknowledge just how incredible two’s are with all of their support but also remind them that they deserve to be loved, and to feel loveable.


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